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Budgeting for a baby shouldn’t be
harder than delivering one!

Every new parent wants to feel confident that they are ready to provide everything their little one will need.

So wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a simple baby financial plan that:

  • Showed you exactly what you’re in for financially as new parents
  • Gave step-by-step guidance on how to decide what to buy & when
  • Listed the very best money saving tips so you don’t have to trade in your piggy bank for your baby?

You can find the clarity and reassurance you’re looking for with our Baby Budget Kit!

Just because the average American parents shell out $16,100 for their
child’s first year expenses, doesn’t mean YOU have to!


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Overwhelmed with sorting through all the advice on how to save for a baby? Worried you’ll be left scrambling to figure out a clear financial plan before baby’s due date?

We get it…

When we were preparing for Little Chang’s debut, we wanted to do the responsible thing and be 100% prepared financially. And then we fell down the baby research rabbit hole.

It was so easy to get lost in all the advice we found online. There was so much to learn, and the pressure only got worse as the due date got closer.

As a new parent, you deserve a resource that shows you exactly what to expect and helps you focus on the most high-priority items. After all, this is the MOST important life project you’ll ever take on.

I knew I could save other soon-to-be moms and dads from going through all the trial and error that I did. So I created this product to help them.

Introducing: the Baby Budget Kit.

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Hi there, I’m Sylvia, aka Mama Chang!

I’ll show you the smartest way to use your bundle of baby money on your little bundle of joy.

Figuring out the right money moves to make in preparation for Little Chang took A LOT of research, not to mention a few lessons learned the hard way. As if we new parents didn’t already have enough to worry about, with the pregnancy and getting the rest of life in order for life after baby.

Now that Little Chang has another sibling on the way, I can feel what a huge difference it makes to know what lies ahead and having a clear plan to get everything done. I want moms- and dads-to-be to feel the same confidence and relief that comes with insight, and I know that this Baby Budget Kit will provide you with exactly that.

Our Baby Budget Kit takes the mystery out of what costs to expect, what things you absolutely need to buy, and how to get all the essentials without breaking the bank.

It teaches you the EXACT tasks that helped me save over $8,000 compared to the average parent’s first-year bill.

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What’s inside

baby budget kit action plan eguide


Baby Budget Guide

From our WOKE OVER BROKE series, this full color digital PDF breaks down baby budget planning into the four main areas that will save you the most money:

    • getting a healthcare plan
    • deciding on daycare
    • figuring out what baby essentials you need
    • getting your baby gear for free or cheap

I’ll walk you through each topic, giving clear instructions and smart strategies to follow.


Mama Chang’s Actual List of First Year Expenses

I’ll show you what the USDA estimates you’ll spend in each category, where I came in, and all the valuable lessons I learned, both good and bad.


Action Plan Checklist

Baby steps aren’t just for babies. Tackle the big baby planning tasks one step at a time, using this handy printable.


Baby Essentials Checklist

Get the most bang for your buck with this color-coded checklist that tells you exactly what baby items are necessary and when you’ll need them. It even automatically tracks your total, so you can stay within your baby budget.


Mama Chang’s Actual Hospital Bill Breakdown

One of the single biggest baby expenses is also the most impossible to get information on. I’ll tell you every single item I was billed for and what each line item costs, so you don’t feel totally blindsided by your own hospital bill.


Tips on Choosing a Healthcare Plan

Health insurance policies are full of confusing jargon. I’ll shed some light on the key terms you need to know and give you tips on choosing the best plan for you. There’s even a comparison worksheet to make it easier for you to evaluate your options.


BONUS: My “Doh!” Moment that You Should Avoid

I’ll never forget the mistake I made that cost me hundreds of dollars (that’s a lot of diapers and formula!). Be sure to check out this bonus chapter so you can avoid making the same blunder that I did.


Tips on Picking a Childcare Option

Childcare costs are seriously cray-cray, so you don’t want to rush into a choice that could ultimately cost you more than your rent. Learn all the different options (there are more than you think), ways to save, and use our printable questionnaires to find out all the financial details you need to know from the providers you are considering.


How to Get Free and Cheap Baby Stuff

There’s a lot of free stuff and awesome discounts on baby stuff, if you know where to look. I’ll show you exactly where to snag free baby items and the best ways to save on everything else you need to buy.


The BEST Way to Save on Diapers

Nope, it’s not the whole cloth versus disposable argument (although I did try both and do share with you the messy truth). I’m talking about another tactic that seriously slashed my diaper costs. Find out what it is, and tips on how to make it work.


And we’re confident you can do it with our Baby Budget Kit!

The Baby Budget Kit Ebundle

ON SALE for $9!

  • Stop stressing and start planning in CONFIDENCE!
  • Get INSTANT access to full-color, fillable PDFs and Google Sheet files
  • Includes:
      • Baby Budget Guide (with links to remaining resources below)
      • Mama Chang’s Actual List of First-Year Expenses
      • Action Plan Checklist
      • Baby Essentials Checklist
      • Mama Chang’s Actual Hospital Bill Breakdown
      • Healthcare Comparison Worksheet
      • Childcare Providers Questionnaires

Delivered digitally

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I save by using this product?
Just as every baby is unique, so is everyone’s baby budget and the spending decisions they will make. While we are unable to guarantee how much savings you’ll experience, we are confident that we’ve loaded our product with an exceptional amount of time-saving tools and money-saving advice.

When will I get my product?
Once you complete your order, scroll to the section called Downloads on your order confirmation screen. There, you’ll find a button that leads to detailed instructions on how to view and download your Baby Budget Kit files. Follow them to access your PDF and Google Sheets documents, which you can then save right to your computer. It’s as simple as that!

For your convenience, you will also receive a order confirmation by email that includes the link to the same download instructions, just in case you close your browser before completing your download.

What should I do if I can’t access my product?
Please make sure that your pop-up blocker has been disabled. Also, we highly recommended that you download your product to a desktop computer or laptop rather than a mobile device, especially if you are not sure where your tablet or smart phone stores downloaded files. If you need further assistance, simply email us at hello(at)keepingupchangs.com.

What is your refund policy?
We understand that every dollar counts, especially with the upcoming baby expenses you’ll have. We want you to feel like you made a smart purchase, so please take the time to review the product details provided on this page and decide if it covers the topics you want guidance on before buying. Because of the digital nature of this product, all sales are final once the download link has been provided to you.

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