It’s where planning and drawing meet, producing the most gorgeous and inspirational planner pages that you’ll ever see.
It’s the perfect way to incorporate personality into your finances so you can get a better hold of your money.
Which is perfect, considering it is called personal finances…
If you want to see what beautiful creations bullet journalists have come up with to motivate them in their finances, then take a sat and scroll through our round up of bullet journal expense & money tracker ideas.

In this post, you will find:

  • Practical bullet journal spreads that give you an overview of your money situation
  • Visual layouts that add the element of artistry to otherwise boring numbers
  • Organized pages to keep you on track with your finances

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bullet journal expense log income tracker spreads



  • Get inspired by these gorgeous bullet journal creations
  • Choose a few spread ideas to try in your own bullet journal
  • Start tracking your progress towards financial bliss!


Get your mind and wallet on the same page with a fillable printable journal to:

  • Dive deep into your money values
  • Uncover habits and trends influencing your personal finances
  • Get motivated to make positive change with your money
  • Start getting your money to work for you

Bullet journal money tracker

This budget page includes a cute pocket for receipts. Both beautiful AND convenient! (via @journalbydesign)

Bullet journal monthly budget

Here’s a spread that gives you an overview of your money. It includes:

  • Bank account balances
  • Bill payments
  • Savings
  • Expenses log
  • Most importantly, a super adorable piggy bank drawing

(via @cardigansandchamomile)

Bullet journal expense tracker

This no-frills spread tracks your expenses in separate columns by category, such as:

  • Bills
  • Groceries
  • Eating Out
  • Other

(via @abulletandsomelines)

Bullet journal daily spending

This bullet journal budget tracker is a simple log of daily expenses that contain these columns:

  • Date
  • Category
  • Store
  • Price
  • Type

(via @everydayreflections)

Bullet journal savings tracker

It’s the bujo version of the old-school way to grow your money: filling up a savings jar. (via @sugarpandaco)

Bullet journal no spend challenge

If you want to challenge yourself to save your money, take on a no-spend challenge. Use a simple but stylish tracker to help you stick to it for the entire month. (via @lookbullet)

Bullet journal savings challenge

Or how about adding the element of fun, with this game-board themed bullet journal page? Roll dice to figure out how much to save each day or week. (via @craftyenginerd)

Bullet journal income tracker

This bullet journal spread doesn’t just look at what you spend. There’s a section to list sources of income and track the amount coming in too. (via Well Ella)

Bullet journal credit card payments

This creative take uses the traditional boxes-and-numbers format but in three different ways, proving that design has a place no matter how simple the look. (via @thejournaljunkie)

debt snowball worksheet tracker printable


Get your fillable printable:

  • Track debt amounts
  • Log minimum payments
  • Determine how to apply extra payments
  • Slash your debt

Bill tracker journal

Add a little visual and color to make your bill tracker more so eye candy. (via @my_blue_sky_design)

Emergency fund

Make your finances fit together by using this bujo game of Tetris to add dollars to your emergency savings. (via @mycrazylifeilove)

Bullet journal vacation savings tracker

A themed savings tracker can get you excited to save for your travels. (via Pinterest)

Bullet journal debt payoff

This collection of financial bullet journal spreads will get you pumped to try get yourself debt-free, and then help you make it happen. Includes all of the following:

  • Reasons to be debt free
  • Debt snowball
  • Debt priorities
  • Debt payments
  • Financial goals
    (via Funding Cloud Nine)


Using a bullet journal to track your finances can be an effective way to help you stick to your goals. Charming bullet journal expense and money trackers like these make it loads more fun to work on improving your money game.


  • Get inspired by these gorgeous bullet journal creations
  • Choose a few spread ideas to try in your own bullet journal
  • Start tracking your progress towards financial bliss!