Black is always in style.

Particularly when it comes to your finances, where it’s definitely preferable to being in the red.

To help you visualize your progress of getting out of debt, we’ve rounded up the best debt trackers we could find on the internet.

And the best part is, these free debt printables won’t cost you a penny.

In this post, you will find:

  • Pretty debt printables to keep you focused on reducing debt
  • Practical debt trackers that’ll keep your eyes on the prize of paying off debt
  • Simple debt worksheets to make tracking your debt repayment progress a breeze


  • Grab a free debt worksheet printable
  • Use it to create a visual plan to pay off your debt
  • Start tracking your progress!

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debt trackers that will show you the light


Debt snowball worksheet printable

The debt snowball strategy of paying off your debt is so easy to use that you don’t even need a debt snowball Excel spreadsheet. Just use our simple, free one-pager below that you can write or type in.

As you knock out your smallest debts first, watch your extra payments towards your larger debts balloon until your balances are totally buried and you’re final debt-free! Just click the button below and enter your details to sign up for the freebie.

Themed debt payoff chart

These unique debt trackers are themed for your car loans, student loans, or credit cards. A fun way to visualize your debt payoff that’s a bit more creative than a debt payoff thermometer. (via The Penny Hoarder)

Debt tracker spreadsheet

Here’s a free debt reduction spreadsheet for Google Sheets that’s simple but sweet. Plug in your loan balance, then let Google Sheets automatically calculate your milestones in 5% increments.

You’ll also find a piggy bank printable that you can download and color in to see your progress, for a visual representation of your debt reduction. (via One Beautiful Home Blog)

Debt payoff printable

The pops of color in this debt payoff worksheet might give you the pop of motivation you’re looking for to stay on track with paying money towards your debt. (via Moritz Fine Designs)

Free printable – Debt Free Charts

What’s better one free debt payoff printable? How about 39 of them? Grab a whole array of free pdfs from Debt Free Charts, a site that’s aiming to give away 300,000 of their debt tracker printables. (via Debt Free Charts)

Debt worksheet

This debt worksheet printable is perfect for Type-As. You can color code your progress on this free debt worksheet pdf, which has lots of fields to put all the deets you might want handy. (via A Mom’s Take)

Debt management worksheets

This two-page debt summary worksheet set includes a debt overview chart and a repayment plan printable. (via Simply Stacie)


Who said paying off debt had to be bland and boring? With these debt trackers that range from simple debt snowball worksheets to colorful debt printables, it’ll be anything but.


  • Grab a free debt worksheet printable
  • Use it to create a visual plan to pay off your debt
  • Start tracking your progress!



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