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That’s the latest discount I recently got off of things I bought at Macys without even trying, thanks to the Ebates cash back app.

This money-saving too, which I never go online shopping without, has saved me over $250 on things that I was already intending to buy.

Because I’m such an avid fan, I want to show you how does Ebates work exactly, by sharing all the ways you can make money through Ebates.


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In this post, you’ll learn:

  • How to use Ebates to earn or save money
  • Tips and tricks for maximizing your earnings from Ebates
  • A way to earn from Ebates even if you don’t buy a single thing

What is Ebates all about?

Ebates is a cashback site that lets you earn money back on your shopping purchases. absolutely free.

There’s no sign-up fee, no cost to download the app, no hidden costs…seriously, no gimmicks!

If you’re wondering why a third party would be so nice to give you cash back, it’s because stores pay Ebates a commission to get shoppers to their sites. Ebates shares that commission with you to entice you to use their platform.

A triple win, for you, Ebates, and the store!

Ebates started off for online retailers, but due to increasing popularity, they’ve expanded to include brick-and-mortar stores. All in all, over 2500 merchants partner with Ebates, so they’re a pretty big deal.

ebates review - screenshot of stores in ebates app

How does Ebates work?

All you have to do to cash in on the savings is stop by Ebates before you go to a retailer’s website or physical store to make a purchase.

After Ebates verifies that you’ve made a purchase, they’ll credit you with cash back savings.

If you need more convincing to try out Ebates, then check out our detailed post on what is Ebates to see how easy it was for us to earn some free money through Ebates.

Ways to Make Money with Ebates

Over the years, we’ve figured out some of the best ways to maximize our Ebates moolah. Here are smart ways to make the most (literally!) out of Ebates.

Snag the $10 welcome bonus
This will be the easiest $10 you earned. Just follow these two simple steps to qualify:


Don’t want to make your $25 purchase all at once? No problem!

As long as your total purchases within 90 days reaches at least $25, that $10 bonus is yours.

ebates review app welcome bonus

Try our ninja hack to qualify for multiple welcome bonuses!

You’ve heard that two heads are better than one. Same goes for two bonuses.

We devoted a special post on how to use Ebates in the smartest way possible. It’s our favorite hack that lets you multiply your Ebates earnings.

Stack both coupons and cashback
On top of giving you cashback, Ebates also offers many coupon codes that will work in conjunction with the normal cashback offer. Be sure to browse the coupons beforehand and punch them in at checkout for extra savings.


If you find a coupon outside of Ebates and apply it your order, there is a chance that it will void your Ebates cashback earnings.

We’ve successfully applied outside coupons before, but wanted to warn you of this possibility.

how ebates works - double cash back on app

Take advantage of double cash back days
Ebates regularly features stores that will earn you double the cash back, which can make your cash back earnings go from great to fantastic.

Imagine a store offering 10% cashback that is suddenly giving you 20% off!

Get cash back for purchases made in-store
Because of Ebates explosive success with offering cashback for online shopping, they’ve taken it one step further and found a way to award cashback for shopping at traditional brick-and-mortar stores too!

To take advantage of this relatively new feature, log in to your Ebates account and then click on “In-Store Cash Back.”

After selecting which store you want to go to, you’ll be prompted to designate what credit card you’ll be using to pay for your purchase.

Then, complete your transaction at the physical store with the credit card you registered on Ebates. Your cashback should appear in your Ebates account within a week.


The amount of cashback offered by Ebates for shopping in-store often differs from what you’ll get for shopping through the same retailer’s online site.

Check out both offers, then see which one is the better deal after factoring in shipping costs. You might end up making more by just buying online.

Use the browser bar
If you shop on a desktop computer, Ebates’ browser bar makes it easy to ensure you never miss out on potential cashback.

The beauty of their browser plug-in is that you’ll get an alert every time you visit a site that offers cashback through Ebates.

You can even activate the cashback with one click of the button that appears, without having to go to first!

And once you do activate for that visit to the site, Ebates also will help you automatically punch in any coupon codes at checkout. Cashback doesn’t get any more convenient than that.


One thing that the browser bar doesn’t show you is the conditions and restrictions that apply for that retailer.

If you want to be absolutely sure that what you’re buying will earn cashback, it’s best to double check that store’s profile at

Share the Ebates love
We’d totally vouch for Ebates even without their referral bonus, but the hefty $25 they do offer for doing so is just extra icing on our cashback cake.

Ebates referral bonuses are a nice way to earn a few extra bucks, and you’ll be doing your friends & family a favor by sharing with them an excellent way to save more money!


It’s super easy to learn how Ebates works or in store to save on purchases. Earn cash back with the Ebates app to make a little extra money with your shopping through the Ebates. We’ll show you all the ways to earn with Ebates so you can pocket some free cashback.

how ebates works - $25 referral bonus for the app