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That’s how much I earned in the 15 minutes I spent when I first tried out (and got hooked to) Ebates.

You probably heard of how Ebates works to let you earn money through the cash back app and site. But we’re dedicating this article on what we’ve found to be hands-down the best answer to how to use Ebates to maximize your earnings.

This top Ebates hack actually lets you earn from Ebates more than once for whatever you are buying.

So if you’re trying to figure out how to claim your $10 welcome bonus with Ebates, this is the best (and totally legit) opportunity to do it easily.

We’ll you exactly what to do in this step-by-step tutorial.

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In this post:

  • Learn the simplest hack to earn cash back twice on your purchase
  • Get a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this
  • Find all the links you need to snag over $15 in bonuses & cashback

How to make money with Ebates

Ebates is a popular cashback site that pays you a certain percentage back on your retail purchases, absolutely free.

They get a commission to refer shoppers to various stores, and are basically rewarding you with a portion of their commission.

All you have to do to start earning is go through Ebates first via their site, app, or browser bar, and follow their simple instructions so they can track that you’ve made a purchase at one of the participating merchants.

After Ebates verifies your purchase, they’ll credit you with cash back savings.

You can read more about how easy it is to make money in our Ebates review.

Now onto the hack.

ebates review - screenshot of stores in ebates app

How to use Ebates: Expert hack

As seasoned Ebates users, we eventually discovered the best Ebates hack ever, which lets you stack your earnings to essentially save money THREE times for the same purchase.

Here’s the secret to supercharged cash back:
Go through Ebates to buy discounted gift cards from first, then go back through Ebates and use those gift cards to pay for your online purchase at the other merchant.

And if this is your first time using both Ebates and Raise, you’ll earn an extra $15 in welcome bonuses from both sites! More savings for you!

Let’s break it down: logo

Raise buys unused gift cards from people and resells them, usually at a discount.

Don’t worry – it’s actually quite safe because Raise offers a 1-year money back guarantee.

On top of that, Raise is offering a $10 welcome bonus right now to anyone who signs up & buys a gift card within 30 days.

Ebates offers 1% cashback for any purchase from Raise, so you can buy a gift card to earn bonuses from both Raise & Ebates to end up with an incredible deal! Here’s an example:


Bed Bath and Beyond gift card


gift card discounted by 5% on Raise


Ebates cashback on purchase


welcome bonus on Raise*


welcome bonus on Ebates


final total (that’s a $29 savings right off the bat!)

On top of earning all of that, Ebates offers cashback when you shop online at Bed Bath and Beyond so you’ll earn again from Ebates by going through them to to make your final purchase.

And if you factor in any coupon codes that Ebates might have found for you, that’s some serious savings you are banking.

Step-by-step tutorial

Here’s the instructions with screenshots for how to execute this Ebates hack.

Step 1: Head to the Ebates website and create your account.
If this is your first time using Ebates, this is the perfect way to claim your $10 welcome bonus.

Step 2. Start typing “” in the search bar at the top.


If you’re not familiar with merchants available on Ebates, explore them before heading to That way, know which stores will give you cashback on Ebates, and you can focus on searching for those when you’re at

search raise site in search bar on ebates site to get 1% cash back

Step 3: Click on the “Shop Now” button at the left.
You will then be redirected to the homepage.

raise site page on ebates site to get 1% cash back

Step 4: Create an account with
You’ll probably see a pop-up offering you a welcome bonus from for making a gift card purchase. By following the rest of these steps, you’ll be well on your way to claiming it. offering $10 off first discounted gift card purchase

Step 5: Search for your merchant of choice on
There are two ways to do this. The first is using the search bar at the top.

raise homepage search bar for merchant gift card

The second method would be to use find a featured vendor or find them through the alphabetical listing. merchant search with featured or alphabetical listing

Step 6: Head to the gift card listings and add the cards you’d like to purchase to your cart.
You can sort by the denomination or the amount of the discount. merchant gift card listings

Step 6: Click the cart in the top right corner to complete your transaction.
You’ll reach the screen, like below, to check the contents of your cart before you finish the purchase by continuing to check out. cart with 3 bed bath beyond gift cards

Step 7: Wait for your email from to confirm your purchase.
You should also receive instructions for how to use your gift cards.

Step 8: Head back to Ebates, this time searching for the merchant you just bought a gift card for from Raise to make a purchase.
After you find the merchant, click on the “Shop Now” button to complete your online purchase.

ebates merchant search to complete online purchase

Step 9: Complete your purchase with the other merchant using the gift card you just purchased from
Ebates should be crediting you with cashback for your and other merchant purchase within a week.


This hack works for online purchases only. You can only earn in-store cashback from Ebates by paying for your purchase with a credit card.

*Keep in mind that the $10 bonus from Raise is for a future gift card purchase. If you want to cash in that bonus pronto, there’s two ways you could pull that off:


Buy a gift card from a second store, after you’ve made your first Raise purchase & received the welcome bonus OR


Split up your gift card amount into two purchases (for example, one $100 card and one $50 card instead of one $150 card) and apply the Raise bonus on your second transaction.

**Just remember that your first transaction on meets the minimum spend amount to earn the welcome bonus to apply to your second gift card.


To earn your welcome bonuses from either Ebates or Raise, you don’t actually have to spend the minimum purchase amounts all at once if you aren’t ready to yet.

As long as your total purchases within the designated time period reaches that minimum amount, those bonuses are yours!

With so many ways to earn from Raise and Ebates, there’s no reason to ever pay full price for anything again.


If you wanted to know how to use Ebates to get the most cash back, then this is the number one 100% legit hack to fulfill the welcome bonus requirement and maximize your earnings.