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money mindfulness personal finance reflection journal

Mini Money Reflection Journal

Get your values and your money on the same page (literally) so you can use your finances to make your dreams & goals come true.

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Mind Over Money Email Series

Set yourself up for the best chance of financial success with this email series, which will totally change your perspective on money and show you how to set goals that stick. 

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mind over money email series

simple budget worksheet with expense tracker

Budgeting Worksheet + Goal & Expense Tracker

Budgeting does not have to be complicated. Log your expenses to figure out your spending trends. Then, set money goals that fit your budget and track your progress. 

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Baby Essentials & Savings Plan Printables

A budget-friendly minimalist baby registry checklist that includes the must-have essentials and other practical nice-to-have things plus 9-month plan to prepare financially for baby

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baby essentials checklist and baby savings plan worksheet tracker printable

debt snowball worksheet tracker printable

Debt Snowball Worksheet

Get yourself out of the red using Dave Ramsey‘s favorite debt reduction strategy, which is step 2 of his baby steps to financial freedom. Related Blog Post: How to Use the Debt Snowball to Smash Debt

Debt Avalanche Printable

If you want to level up your debt payoff strategy, use the debt avalanche method to tackle your highest interest debts first.

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debt avalanche worksheet tracker printable

seasonal produce chart by month to save money on groceries

Seasonal Produce Chart

Save money on groceries by buying what’s in season. Reference chart by month of year + tips on going low-stress with grocery shopping.

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Work Happiness Printable

If you want to learn how to be happy at work, you first need to assess your level of satisfaction based on the four factors of work happiness.

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how happy are you at work assessment happiness at work pdf

how to negotiate interest rate script and tips

Rate Negotiation Script

Save money month after month or year after year simply by calling to reduce your rates for recurring bills such as credit cards, insurance, utilities and more. Follow our sample script, with pointers for best practices.

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