21 days.
That’s how it takes the average person to develop a new mindset, which is the start of making a new behavior an actual habit.
Like so many other things in life, finances are so much easier if you develop good money habits. Easier said than done, though.
That’s why we love habit trackers, which help make changing your habits fun and almost addicting even.
In this post, you will find:

  • What are habit trackers
  • How to use habit trackers to improve your finances
  • Free habit tracker printable


  • Download our free circular habit tracker printable
  • Log the list of financial habits you want to stick to
  • Track your progress

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What is a habit tracker?

A habit tracker is basically anything that helps you tally how often you do something. Technically, you can use anything from tally marks on a piece of paper to counters that you drop into a mason jar, to an elaborate corkboard set-up with lots of colored pins, if you want.

A good habit tracker, though, is one that does more than just count what you’re doing. Ideally, your habit tracker should:

  • Motivate and inspire you
  • Help you discover patterns in your behaviors, so you know what needs to change
  • Make your goals feel fun & exciting, rather than a chore
The most popular type of habit trackers: bullet journal templates or worksheets. That’s because they’re cheap, simple to use, and easy to make or find.
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Why should I use a habit tracker?

Here’s the thing with human beings: we’re terrible at gauging our progress at stuff. We tend to think we are doing better than we actually are, but when you actually keep track of what you’re doing, it can be shocking to discover that you’re kinda, no actually, waaaaay, off the mark. But, it can also be the wake-up call we need to change our behavior.

Plus, using a habit tracker is a super easy way to boost your motivation. You know how it’s oh-so-satisfying to cross stuff off of your to-do list? Samesies with a worksheet where you can color in, cross off, or mark down your progress towards crushing your goals!

How long should I track my habits for?

In general, tracking your habits for one month at a time, for at least two to three months, is a good place to start. That’s because it takes the average person about 3 weeks to change their mindset, and just under 7 weeks to make the behavior automatic.

Keeping tabs on your behavior for the first month will show you that change is doable, and keeping up those changes for the second month will seal the deal into making it your norm.

Of course, if you think that continuing to track will help you stay the course or you simply enjoy the tracking process, by all means, keep it going as long as you want!

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How can a habit tracker help with my finances?

There are TONS of ways you can use a habit tracker to level up your finances. Here are just a few of our favorite habit tracker ideas for financial stuff you can track daily:

  • Not spending any money
  • Eating home lunch
  • Drinking water only (i.e. saving money on drinks)
  • Reading at least X minutes or X pages from a personal financial book or blog
  • Worked at least X minutes on a side hustle or other extra income
  • Turning off utilities that aren’t in use
  • Expressed gratitude for what you have
  • Looking up a financial positive affirmation
  • Money saved towards a specific goal

Free Circular Habit Tracker Printable

Grab this free circle habit tracker, perfect for your bullet journal, planner, or visual aid to track your progress towards your goals. This minimalist, black and white printable is printer-friendly. Adding pops of color when you meet your goals is sure to keep you motivated!

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Use any of these printable habit trackers to ditch your bad money habits and replace them with ones that will enrich your life (get it?). Download our free habit tracker pdf templates and keep track of your key financial moves.


  • Download our free circle habit tracker printable
  • Log the list of financial habits you want to stick to
  • Track your progress


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